are you choosing happiness?

I can’t remember where I was when I first heard this, maybe in a movie, a book or even an Instagram post, but it was something like this: Imagine if we could teach our kids to strive for a life filled with happiness, so when someone asks them what they want to be when they grow up, they reply with, “When I grow up, I want to be happy!”

Imagine a world where we are taught to live a life to embody feelings rather than a career or material possessions, so that when we see ourselves in our mind’s eye living our best life, we feel this sense of happiness and contentment envelop our whole being; rather than focusing on the tangible things we want in our lives, like that boat, or the car or the six pack and the thigh gap, we are manifesting the feelings and choosing the energy we wish to vibrate at on a heart and soul level.

Happiness comes when we surrender and choose to live life in the moment; when we forget fear, or worry or anger; when we turn down the volume of our ego and allow ourselves to fully awaken to the pure potential and possibility that lies inside us all. Happy people are not luckier that you or I. They still feel sad, they still feel anger, they still feel grief and heartache – they just don’t live there; they feel – they process – they are grateful for their lessons and their journey – they grow and they heal and they forgive. Happiness comes when we allow ourselves to move through emotions, to feel them fully – to understand them and let them pass. ‘Happy people’ don’t wallow in the shadows of their feelings, they honour them and know they will pass; they understand their feelings ebb and flow like the tides that move in harmony with the moon, and like Mother Nature, they know the sun will shine when the storm has passed and rain has long dried on the pavement.

People who embody happiness choose to live their live on a higher frequency, allowing them to live in a state of flow; they don’t resist the whispers of their soul and they live their lives falling more and more in love with themselves as they learn to embody all that they are. Happy people aren’t focused on or living in the past, nor are they focused on or living in the future; they live in the here and now, they practise gratitude, they practise self love, they can find their peace within.

Happiness comes when we choose ourselves, when we lift the veil and we live our lives basking in the light that lives within us all.

Happiness comes when we let our soul guide us and we choose the path of least resistance; the path that makes our light shine bright – the path that only we can walk – the path that’s meant for us – for you.

Happiness comes when you choose happy – when you choose yourself – when you choose to surrender and let your heart and soul lead the way.

Happiness comes when you have trust.

Happiness comes when you can forgive and let go – both yourself and others.

Happiness comes when you can love yourself unconditionally.

Happiness comes when you are brave and compassionate.

Happiness comes when you can love others without conditions.

Happiness is a choice – it’s your choice and yours alone; all you need to do is choose it – close your eyes now and feel it, breathe it in and feel it. It is yours, so claim it.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be happy!

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mother - wife - teacher - kiwi Mindset & Transformation Coach healing myself and the world with my words

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