happy holidays

Hey beautiful human,

With the festive season upon us, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for riding along with me on this journey (even though I am still not entirely sure where I am going…) Come with me as I reflect on my year… 

2021 has seen a year like no other! 
– 3 lockdowns in Auckland, one being mammoth (honestly! I did not see that big one coming…) Online teaching was not ideal & I felt robbed of time with my students (again) BUT I allowed myself to see the silver lining in it all & relished the extra time with my family.

 I lost a very, very dear friend to suicide in January, with the grief still sitting very heavily on my heart. On December 10th (Kate’s first heavenly birthday) my BFF and I got tattoos with Kate’s handwriting . It was so crazy as we were trying to make bookings but the tattoo artist had to keep postponing, I think Kate really wanted the tattoos to happen on her birthday so she was meddling from the heavens… (it’s a very Kate thing to do!)

– I was a guest on a post cast in the first week of lockdown (if you haven’t listened yet you can listen here). On this podcast with Jax & Kim, I talk about my journey of teaching, how I found myself as a woman, how I learned to put myself first and how I pushed through the fear of publishing my book

– I completed my second coaching accreditation! Coaching is my absolute Jam and I was SO excited to be offered more training (this time though school and a slightly different style to what I first learned) But just as impactful & I am excited to be training the next generation of coaches at the school where I work in 2022.

– Oh, and I published a book (like WTF!) I remember sitting on my living room floor almost 4 years ago and opening my my laptop. I just started writing and had no idea what I was producing but holy-hecka!! I am SO proud of myself – I could have quit a million times, but I did not – we are amazing, human beings, I mean, we really can do hard things when we put our mind to it. That book changed my life and it has been SO, SO humbling to receive all the feedback that has been coming my way – really, I am truly humbled to know my words are having such a profound impact!

2021 has not been an easy year in so many respects. I have battled with imposter syndrome, almost crippling fear, deeply painful grief and the prospect of Covid Lockdowns closing our gym (my husband’s business) *almost* had me in a tail spin (we survived, thank goodness down to the resurgence payments and our VERY loyal gym family). But, if I have learned anything over the years it is that it is never the actual situation itself that causes us to spiral out of control, but the way we respond. 

This year, I allowed myself to sit with my feelings. Most of the time they were powerful and heavy emotions. I have been challenged in many ways and the old me would have crumbled, quit or reverted into the ol’ victim mindset – but I am different now.

I handle challenges differently.
I handle my feelings differently. 
I handle myself differently. 
I see myself differently.
I see the world differently. 
I chose to lean into my internal navigation system and turn down the volume of my pesky ego (that little voice trying to hold me back) and I just pushed through.

It has been a hard f*cking year.
A year that has challenged me.
A year that has changed me. 
A year that helped me grow.

But *and she almost wants to scream this* I am SO ready for a break! I need to let my little mind have a rest from it all – so I guess, this is me signing off for the remainder of the year (hopefully, I can’t seem to stop myself) and I want to thank you, from the very depths of my heart, for walking with me on this journey. I am so very excited for 2022 and the work I have planned & the next level of growth I will go through.

Before I leave, a special gift for you is FREE SHIPPING (NZ WIDE) on my book CRACKED OPEN: a teacher’s battle with perfection – AND I will personally sign it for you (if you live close to me you might just get a special hand delivered copy!) – purchase here If you want to buy one for a friend, just put their name in the shipping info (or fire me an email) and I can make that happen! It was awesome to see people purchasing for their kid’s teacher, as well as mentor teachers buying for their BTs! (offer ends midnight on Boxing Day – use the code FREE SHIPPING)

Or if you are more the Kindle Type, you can download now and have instant access – just use this link here

I do hope you can take a moment to reflect on your year, try the Stick, Leaf & Rock method:
What do you want to ‘stick’ around next year (what went well?)
What do you want to ‘leaf’ alone next year (what didn’t go so well)
What is something you ‘rock’ed at this year?

If you need some help with finding depth to your reflection, I have an exciting ‘thinking class’ in the pipe lines for next year (like, I am almost frothing for this – my excitement is high!)

Anyway, this email has become MUCH longer than I intended.
I appreciate you – thank you for showing up each day and shining your light on the world. I hope you find the space to fully relax and enjoy this time with the people who choose you to be in their lives, and if this time of year is not for you (personally Xmas is not my fave) I hope you cam look for the good in every moment – you are here right now on this earth, you have a purpose & you are divinely loved and cherished.

All my love,

Aimee xxxx

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