are you choosing happiness?

I can’t remember where I was when I first heard this, maybe in a movie, a book or even an Instagram post, but it was something like this: Imagine if we could teach our kids to strive for a life filled with happiness, so when someone asks them what they want to be when theyContinue reading “are you choosing happiness?”

Transforming the teacher with coaching

As a teacher I have been appraised and ‘coached’ by senior colleagues, always focusing on improving performance and neglecting the human inside the teacher. Conversations would be framed by the feedback/compliment sandwich; a positive comment, followed by some next steps, and concluded with another positive comment leaving little room for the teacher to reflect onContinue reading “Transforming the teacher with coaching”

the river

She was once an unmoving river.StillSilentStagnant.Laying dormant under an overcast sky.LifelessListlessLost.Drooping trees lined her banks patiently waiting to bloom.But still she sits,UnmovingUnchangingUnaware.Heaviness holds her in place;Blind in the dark.Unaware of her power.Unaware of her heart.Unaware of her soul.Unaware of her light.Then the rains came down,And she weathers the storms.She is brought back to life.Slowly sheContinue reading “the river”

teachers give your heart, but save some for yourself

Wonderful Teachers, I am sure you are all relieved that this online teaching is coming to an end – for me, I get to head back to school tomorrow and I am beyond excited to see my kids for real. I had to hold back the tears this morning during our final zoom lesson whenContinue reading “teachers give your heart, but save some for yourself”