teachers give your heart, but save some for yourself

Wonderful Teachers, I am sure you are all relieved that this online teaching is coming to an end – for me, I get to head back to school tomorrow and I am beyond excited to see my kids for real. I had to hold back the tears this morning during our final zoom lesson whenContinue reading “teachers give your heart, but save some for yourself”

unachievable perfection in the midst of corona – yes, you are enough

As we navigate this new normal, just as it was in the ‘old world’, it is easy to get caught up in comparing yourself with others and harbouring feelings of not doing enough. We once looked around and saw teachers posting images of their pintrest worthy classrooms and that incredible lesson that produced the mostContinue reading “unachievable perfection in the midst of corona – yes, you are enough”

Hey teacher, can we talk?

Hey, can we talk? I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, especially as we approach a new teaching year. I know you love what you do but sometimes I worry about you. I worry that you will let the overwhelm of the job get to you again. I am worried that you will putContinue reading “Hey teacher, can we talk?”

Teachers want time, and support – from you, society!

I am writing today to express my deep anger and sadness at the way a large portion of society view our teachers. Teachers today are no longer valued like they once were – maybe it’s because they appear to have it so good with a 6 hour day and 12 weeks of holiday a yearContinue reading “Teachers want time, and support – from you, society!”