When your best just isn’t enough

Written 7th June, 2018 Today I took a mental health day because being a teacher is hard. Having to know 60-odd students inside out – who they are, where they are at and what they get up to in the weekend. Not to mention their abilities within the classroom, relationships with other students, their beliefsContinue reading “When your best just isn’t enough”

Did you see what the teacher was doing?

Written August 15, 2018 Today our teachers were out on strike. Today they walked out of their classrooms to fight for a better place for our kids, and a better place for them to work in. Today, and much of the last week, I have been drawn to the comment section of newspaper articles givingContinue reading “Did you see what the teacher was doing?”

Are you wearing your stress like a badge of honour?

I used to think that being busy, or people seeing me as busy, meant that I was showing how capable I was. I would literally work myself to breaking point; never being able to say no and taking on much more than I could handle set me on a course towards self destruction, a cycleContinue reading “Are you wearing your stress like a badge of honour?”