Welcome, I am so glad you are here. I know it’s not always easy to reach out for help, and if you are here I know that today you are one step closer to taking back some control over your life, whether it be in your relationships, your job, the way you speak to yourself, you belief systems or even or physical fitness. Transformative Coaching will help you make positive changes and support you to thrive in all aspects of your life. 

When I first stumbled across coaching and then began my coaching training, I was quite surprised to realise that it was nothing like I expected it to be, and this seemed to be the case when I first started coaching too. My clients would come to me expecting me to pass on my knowledge and plan out their next steps for them; yet, I would respond to their question or comments with another question, forcing my clients to think a little deeper and uncover the truths and answers they had inside themselves all along. 

Coaching is not telling people what to do or how to think, and coaching is not telling people how to do it… 

(if this is what you need, it sounds like you might want to check out my mentoring packages!)

What coaching does do:

  • Takes you on a deep dive to uncover limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential
  • Allows you to discover your default mindset in certain situations and make plans to change it so you can thrive, both professionally and personally
  • Provides space so you can understand your behavioural patterns that may no longer be serving you
  • Expands your mind to see what is positive and what is possible
  • Give you a platform to be heard, free from judgement and unwanted advice

But most importantly, coaching supports you on your journey to unlock your thinking capacity for sustainable change so you can create a life you have always dreamed of.

Are you ready to find out how Coaching can help you transform your life from the inside out? 

Still not sure if coaching is for you?

I get it, change is hard and growth is messy, and facing all the shit you have pushed down inside can be a scary prospect – but this is not Therapy and no one is going to force you to dredge up the past (although, it might come up!)

But you’re here, and you didn’t stumble across this page for nothing, or by accident – ask yourself, will you be happy in 12 months time if you have stayed stuck in the same position you are now? Working through the coaching process can help bring positive change into your life as you become aware of what is blocking you from moving forward and reaching your goals. You will see a change to your self-esteem, your personal wellbeing, and research shows you can even lower your levels of anxiety as you are supported to strive for personal growth.

It’s your time!

Book a FREE discovery call now and we can have a chat about what you want to achieve and how coaching can help you to live a flourishing life. 

Work with me

Real transformative change that is deep and sustainable takes time and commitment. Often your learning will continue after your coaching session when you take time to reflect on your new learnings and the insight you gain from your sessions; but the real learning takes place when you implement your unique and purpose built steps into your daily life and begin to live life with more self-awareness. For this deep, transformative change, we recommend working with a coach for at least three months.

My coaching packages have been designed with you at mind and your coaching plan will be tailored to fit you and your unique needs.

What you get:

three monthssix monthstwelve months
1x 30 minute pre-session call to discuss where you are at and what you are wanting to achieve from coaching1x 30 minute pre-session call to discuss where you are at and what you are wanting to achieve from coaching1x 30 minute pre-session call to discuss where you are at and what you are wanting to achieve from coaching
3x 45 minute coaching sessions via Zoom, or in person6x 45 minute coaching sessions via Zoom, or in person12x 45 minute coaching sessions via Zoom, or in person
save 30% on aimee nicole workshopssave 40% on aimee nicole workshopssave 50% on aimee nicole workshops
Investment: $1200Investment $2600Investment $3500
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still want more help?

When we are at the beginning of our journey toward transformative change and growth, it can seem a little daunting and the mountains we have to climb can feel unsurpassable. Sometimes, we need a little bit of extra help to get us on the road to move forward with confidence. Let me walk with you. My mentoring packages will support your growth by providing you with a little bit more guidance, support and accountability, including fortnightly check-ins via email or text.

Coaching with Aimee has taught me how to gain self empowerment to make better life changes and challenge myself to change my thinking in to a positive thought process

— Kayla

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