we can’t force wellbeing – but we can choose it

Gabby Stroud’s essay titled: Compulsory Wellbeing. The Choice between burnout and demoralization has got my mind churning. If you asked me four years ago, I would have applauded any school leader who replaced their Monday staff meeting with a compulsory wellbeing workshop, but now I am not so sure. As an advocate for the wellbeingContinue reading “we can’t force wellbeing – but we can choose it”

preparing for the return to school post lockdown

If the idea of returning to school is bringing up a raft of emotions, I promise you, what ever it is you are feeling right now is completely normal. Maybe you are anxious, maybe you are excited, maybe you are scared, or feeling overwhelmed by it all; what ever you feel right now, know thatContinue reading “preparing for the return to school post lockdown”

Hey teacher, can we talk?

Hey, can we talk? I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, especially as we approach a new teaching year. I know you love what you do but sometimes I worry about you. I worry that you will let the overwhelm of the job get to you again. I am worried that you will putContinue reading “Hey teacher, can we talk?”